2014 Holiday Message

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December, 2014

Dear Friends,

Once again, the holidays are upon us. First of all, where did the time go? I think I just got around to putting away last year’s holiday decorations and was asked to climb into the attic to retrieve them again. I’m guessing the year went by quickly for you as well.

This last week I took some time to look back and reflect on all the good and successes in my life and at NCEFT this year as well as some of the setbacks that inevitability take place. I tend to remember, in a fair amount of detail, those extremes.   Maybe you do too.   I haven’t committed to memory the subtle nuances that make up daily life and I believe it’s those seemingly insignificant daily interactions with family and friends that make a difference.

With a dedicated and energized staff we are providing more services than ever before. We have added new faces to our Board of Directors and staff and have bid farewell to others.   In the midst of all this I continue to believe it’s the daily interactions with you and your families which make a profound difference in our lives. At NCEFT we are fortunate to be doing what we love and to be associated with people like you. Since we are often focused on the “big” things and never expect miracles, we can miss them when they are the small miracles that are part of our daily routine. This year I’ve realized, it’s the little things we do that count and make the biggest difference.

My hope is during this holiday season you’ll find the time to slow down a little and see the value in the little things that happen in those daily interactions, spend time sharing your lives with the people you care for the most and commit to memory, the little details that make a difference.

From all of us at NCEFT we hope your holidays are full of family and friends and that 2015 is all you hope it will be.



Gari Merendino
Executive Director