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Programs and Services

We provide a wide variety of unique and beneficial form of treatment to children, adults and military Veterans with neuromuscular, cognitive and sensory processing disorders. Our specially trained therapists and volunteers offer these programs and services year round. Our programs run Monday – Friday, 10a -5p.


1440Hippotherapy (from the Greek word hippos, meaning horse) is physical, occupational or speech therapy conducted on horseback. Hippotherapy is not about riding a horse. Instead, licensed therapists use the movement of the horse as a treatment tool. Hippotherapy sessions are medically prescribed by a doctor, and all our therapists are specially certified by the American Hippotherapy Association, Inc.  (AHA, Inc.).

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Adaptive Riding

warren 5-cropped-brighter[2]Adaptive riding instructors facilitate cognitive, physical, emotional, social, educational and behavioral development through a unique combination of recreation, sport and education. Clients focus on building riding and horsemanship skills while developing relationship bonds with their horse and instructor. Instructors are specially certified by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH International).

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For more information, introductory presentations about hippotherapy and adaptive riding are available from the AHA, Inc. 

Adaptive Driving

adaptive drivingNCEFT’s adaptive driving instructor teaches harnessing and driving from a carriage seat or wheelchair, offering an unique and enjoyable alternative to riding, especially for those clients unable to sit astride a horse. NCEFT maintains several vehicles, including a carriage with motorized lift. Instructors are specially certified by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH International).


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Veterans Program


In partnership with local Veterans Administrations, we offer a variety of equine-assisted therapies to active duty and retired veterans, including those dealing with traumatic brain injuries and/or post traumatic stress disorder. This program is funded entirely by donations — at no cost to the participants or the federal government. Any Veteran coming to NCEFT can receive any of our services at no charge.

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Animal Therapy Social Skills GroupDSC_0506

NCEFT is excited to introduce a new program for younger school-aged children who could benefit from social learning, including children with high functioning autism, Asperger’s, SPD, and other undiagnosed social communicative difficulties. The Social Skills Group is presented by licensed therapists and utilizes a unique combination of the Sensitive Solutions children’s book series curriculum and hands-on animal interactions.

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Happy Trails CampMicrosoft Word - NCEFT Happy Trails Camp Flyer.doc

NCEFT is proud to present Happy Trails Camp,  an outdoor summer day camp for kids of all abilities, aged 6 & up. Join us at Triple H Ranch, NCEFT’s outdoor on-site camp facility, for a week of old-fashioned barn fun. Happy Trails Camp welcomes NCEFT patients with disabilities as well as their siblings (with or without disabilities). Together they will explore the great outdoors, discover the joys of horses and other animals, get creative with arts and crafts, and just get to relax and enjoy the summer. 

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Special Education School Programs

NCEFT offers programs for special education classes (both public and private schools), providing an outdoor farm experience to children with special needs. We are uniquely positioned to offer this outdoor education program in our safe and tranquil environment.

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Other Equine-Assisted Therapy Programs

NCEFT partners with school districts, medical centers and local nonprofit organizations serving people with special needs to provide specially tailored equine-assisted programs for their students, patients and clientele. If you or your organization are interested in partnering with us, please email us with your inquiry!