Veterans Program

Veterans Program

Our Veterans program offers active and retired personnel the opportunity to participate in any of our services at no cost. The program encourages physical and cognitive rehabilitation, providing Veterans with a safe environment in which to regain their independence, confidence, and strength. NCEFT receives no governmental funding (including from the VA) nor charges any Veteran clients fees for services. Instead we rely on the generosity of our supporters to fund the entirety of the Veterans Program via donations. If you would like to make a commitment to support our Veterans, please donate today.

View the following YouTube video about the powerful benefits of horse therapy for our deserving Veterans:

Choosing a Therapeutic Service

IMG_0063Hippotherapy:  a treatment strategy in which equine movement is used as part of an coordinated intervention program to reach functional goals in the areas of physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy.  Individuals are accepted into our hippotherapy program with a doctor’s prescription, and an evaluation from one of our therapists. Learn more about NCEFT’s hippotherapy program

Adaptive Riding: emphasizes the acquisition of riding and horsemanship skills, both on and off the horse, in an effort to achieve physical, emotional, and cognitive goals. Instructors are able to modify lesson plans to accommodate the needs of each individual, tailoring lessons towards specific short and long term goals.  Individuals are accepted into our adaptive riding program following an evaluation by one of our therapists. Learn more about NCEFT’s adaptive riding program

IMG_0395Adaptive Driving: students have the option of driving from the seat of the carriage, or from their own wheelchair in our specially adapted carriage.  Outfitted with an electronic lift, the carriage allows students with limited mobility to interact with a horse.  Individuals are accepted into our adaptive driving program following an evaluation by our adaptive driving instructor. Learn More about NCEFT’s adaptive driving program

Adaptive Horsemanship: In partnership with local VA centers, students are organized into small group lessons consisting of other Veterans.  Incorporating aspects of adaptive riding, each lesson includes on and off-horse activities designed to increase independence.  This program provides students with the horsemanship skills required to participate in horseback riding as a recreational activity. Individuals interested in adaptive horsemanship will be put in touch with a VA contact to coordinate program participation.

Lava Lake Ranch – A special adaptive horsemanship program

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