Donating a Horse

Most of NCEFT’s equine therapists (horses) are donated or leased, rather than purchased.  Our horses work an average of five days a week for no more than four 30-minute sessions each day. Approximately every 9-10 weeks, our horses have 1-2 week breaks. Below are some criteria often used in determining whether a horse will fit into our programs. Please note all horses under consideration for our programs must pass a 45-60 day on-site trial period before becoming permanent members of our therapy herd.

Horses should:

  • Ben looking out windowHave full and complete vision
  • Be sound in all four legs with no history of chronic lameness
  • Fall between 7 and 17 years of age
  • Stand between 13 and 15.3 hands
  • Be capable of being ridden by beginners and children
  • Be comfortable with loud noises and quick movements
  • Accept novel items and environments
  • NCEFT does not accept gaited horses

NCEFT prides itself on providing outstanding care for each of its therapy horses. Horses receive:

  • hay 2-3 times a day
  • balanced feed at lunch with necessary supplements and medications
  • daily exercise based on short and long-term training goals
  • weekly group and/or individual turn-out
  • periodic “vacations” with all-day turnout, each lasting 1-2 weeks
  • exemplary vet (Bayhill Equine) and farrier care (Performance Horseshoeing)

1245To submit your horse for consideration, please e-mail NCEFT Barn Manager, Marty Raynor, with a brief description of your horse (age, height, breed, training background, etc.) and 2-3 photos and/or video.  If your horse meets a current need in our program, we’ll contact you to arrange an evaluation.  Should your horse seem suitable, we’ll ask to take him/her on trial to further evaluate their appropriateness for our program.

Thanks for considering placing your horse with NCEFT!